Create games with ease

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Great for existing and new projects alike!

Forget about implementing new frameworks!
Other plugins have you implement APIs, which takes time,
making them harder to pick up and use on existing projects.
The idea is to help you develop games faster.
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What is so great about it?

Focus on Fun

While designing scenes connecting the dots can be a pain! Blueprints will proactively ask for whatever the scene needs and will fix any mistake.

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Less bugs

Exposing dependencies allows Blueprints to find and fix problems in scenes. It can also generate automatic scenes to test individual components.

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Create once then reuse

Increase your productivity by creating blueprints made up of multiple prefabs and then use them across scenes and projects.

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Integrates in your workflow

Works nicely within unity's visual editor. Showing the scene with a dependency graph empowers the developer to fine tune values and find GameObjects with ease.

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